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And so, I’ve been reading yet another book on marketing. And again, they go on and on regarding the importance of regular blog updates. Writing regular updates is not something I’ve ever been accused of !! But OK, why not give it a try. Who knows ? Without any pre-preconceived notions, perhaps my writing will improve !! Or at the very least it gives us an excuse to share some of Martina’s fine photographs right ?

I’ll begin by reminding everyone of our big big weekend coming up. Alexandre will be performing with his other band, DiAlDa, Friday night in Liège on the Legia. It’s a battle of the bands sort of thing with each group playing 20 minutes. Tickets are 8€ and are available at the door. Vote ALEX !!

Saturday night we go back to Mazy and boy it’s gonna be fun !! We’re expecting a full house with people dancing on barrels, that sort of thing !! Truly a fun place with a sound system that’s second to none. If you don’t come you’ll probably regret it for the rest of your life and I’ll even let you buy me a drink !!

Finally on Sunday february 3rd, we’re back at the Blé D’Or in Verviers !! No stage, so it’s up close and personal. If you can sing a little why not help us out ?

In closing as a public service announcement le Petite Marseillais shower gel is on sale this week at Kruidvat 3 for 5€

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