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We could use a hand

As many of you may or may not not know, the Grease Monkeys are currently in the process of recording our brand new album and have we got some great great songs for you !!

Despite the fact that many of those working with us on this project have offered us a discounted price, we are still unsigned and it still costs an awful lot of money. By our standards anyway.

And so we are asking you, our fans, to help us out by sharing ideas, by opening your hearts and perhaps your wallets ?

We are looking for corporate sponsors, interest free loans, gifts, heck we’ll even play live in exchange for financial compensation !! Any contribution would be welcome.

If you would like to support the project, you can of course help us and directly contribute to the Belfius account "The Grease Monkeys" BE44 068907873345

You can also pre-order the new album personally signed by all four greasers for a measly 15€ !!! At that price why not order a bunch ?!!

Don’t forget to include your name, address and note « reservation album « in the communication section of your payment.

Come on, if some guy can convince people to give him literally millions so he could make a film about sharks in a tornado we can only hope that saving rock n’ roll merits at least some of your consideration.

Thank you in advance for your support

the Grease Monkeys

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